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Right, first off, an announcement and it’s not one you’re necessarily going to like.  I’m moving!  Cue the hankies.

Certainly, Clients who are already in the loop are not exactly enamoured at the prospect but don’t panic.  It’s not going to be for a few weeks and when I get chance (she says, eyeing up the list-of-lists)  I’ll get a list together of local Practitioners who you can consult instead, male and female,  from varying disciplines and locations.  Ask me directly and I’ll recommend individual therapists off the list for you since I know you, your requirements and the likely rapport.

The reason for relocating?  I’ll cut to the chase, I’m a very eager Would-Be Gran (no pressure fam).  I’ve been waiting for this for ages since my opportunity to have a third coveted baby didn’t materialise due to the travails of life.  I’m pinning all my hopes on my…

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