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Monday 12th April, 2021

After the Government annoucement on 22nd February, 2021, I’m hopeful I will be able to resume trading on Monday 12th April, 2021.

My Association are picking over the terms and conditions but certainly I will be taking bookings for those of you who wish to book in in advance of this date, subject to the hopefully remote possibility of change, given the reduction in the Ro rate.

I very much look forward to seeing you all again and getting back to treating.

I’ve been using the intervening time to upgrade the treatment room, to enhance your safety; installing an air conditioning unit which will not only ensure an ambient temperature year-round but also, a proportion of the air is constantly being replaced from outside and either being heated or cooled down. This, in addition to ventilating the room and the Covid sanitisation procedures I adhere to, helps to ensure a Covid-19 free zone.

Tier 4, with effect from 23rd December, 2020

As of 23rd December 2020, I have been notified by my Association the IRSM, I am currently unable to work, under Special Measures or otherwise.

After recent Government announcements, Berkshire unsuprisingly remains in Tier 4, so all of the appointments in the diary from 5th January 2021, when I’d intended and hoped to resume work are cancelled and I will be in touch, accordingly.

Initially I will be letting those clients know who are booked in the diary between 5th -8th January 2021 today, Thursday 31st December and from Monday 4th January, I will contact those of you who are in the diary from 11th January 2021, to ensure you too are aware of the situation.

Covid-19 protocol varies according to the Tier we are placed in. The information below is a guide to Tier 1. Additional measures are imposed in Tier 2 and Tier 3 and in Tier 4 I am locked down, along with many other businesses.

Please see below, the comprehensive Covid-19 measures which I adhere to for your safety. Additional PPE measures may be brought in, e.g. as and when we move back down to Tier 3, including the use of single-use gloves and disposable aprons.

Whats New?

Your health and safety is my number one priority, so please be assured I have undertaken all the necessary risk assessments provided by the Government and my Association. This is in addition to the high standards of cleanliness I routinely adhere to.

PPE and Hygiene

I have decided to absorb the additional costs I’ve had to incur to be able to operate at this time, meaning there will not be a price increase for your treatment.

When you come for your treatment, please wear a mask. If you don’t have one available I can provide one for you. No mask, no treatment.

I will be wearing a face visor, and once you enter the property, I will also be wearing a mask. This is both for your protection and mine.

Upon your arrival and departure, the application of hand sanitiser (provided) will be required and I will ensure that all necessary doors are opened for you.


I will be running a reduced diary to allow time after each appointment to sanitise the treatment room and surrounding areas. Please aim to arrive on time for your appointment, and not too early.

Track and Trace

If you, or any member of your family, are displaying symptoms of Covid-19, have been contacted by Track and Trace or been on holiday abroad to a country not on the travel corridor list or been in contact with a known Covid-19 sufferer in the last 14 days , please do not book until you’ve completed the requisite isolation period. If you book an appointment and later develop symptoms, please call to reschedule, even if it’s at short notice.

Prior to booking your first post lockdown appointment, I need to go through some Covid-19 screening questions under guidance from my Association. This will cover how data is handled for Track and Trace, as well as your permission for face-to-face treatment. When you arrive for your appointment, before you enter I will again ask if you are symptom free and upon entry, ask you to verify your screening answers and sign, in order to consent to face-to-face treatment and GDPR.

If you haven’t been for a treatment before, I will send you a case history form for completion by return. I’m taking this approach rather than completing the case history at your first appointment, due to Covid-19.

Payment Method

Although I will still be accepting cash, payment by card or bank transfer or Paypal is preferable at this time.

Private Treatment Room

Therapeutic Massage Newbury

Therapeutic massage focuses on delivering health benefits. Renowned for its healing and rejuvenating properties, a therapeutic massage uses a range of techniques in a bid to relax stiff joints, soothe sore muscles and help you let go of your everyday stresses. Get a therapeutic massage in Newbury today.

Thai Yoga Massage Newbury

Thai Massage is an ancient massage style that combines yoga, Indian Ayurvedic principles and acupressure. No oils or lotions are used. Get a Thai massage in Newbury today.

Sports Massage Newbury

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Reflexology Newbury

Reflexology focuses on pressure points on the feet. This can help to improve blood circulation and heal pain. Get reflexology in Newbury today.

Indian Head Massage Newbury

Indian head massage is a relaxing holistic treatment that uses acupressure massage on the head, face, neck and shoulders. It aims to rebalance your body’s energies. Get an Indian Head Massage in Newbury.

Reiki Healing Newbury

Reiki is a form of therapy commonly referred to as energy healing. It emerged in Japan in the late 1800’s and it involves the transfer of universal energy from the practitioner’s palms to the patient. Get a reiki healing treatment in Newbury.

Privacy Policy

I take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the services you have requested.

Case notes will be taken prior to treatment and updated during any subsequent treatments.  Case notes will be retained securely for a minimum of seven years after the date of your last treatment and stored securely in hard copy, not electronically and never shared with any third party.

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