Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

Ayurvedic texts originating from India dating back some 4,000 years mention massage as a form of therapy. Indian Head Massage was often used with a mixture of herbs and spices. It is still widely used in India today, with many young children receiving massage from birth.

Indian Head Massage, as practised by women in India was restricted to the head and the hair as part of their daily grooming routine with different oils being used depending on the season: henna, sesame, coconut, almond, olive oil etc to keep their hair in good condition. This tradition was passed on from mother to daughter for many centuries.

Introduced into the U.K. by Mr Narenda Metha, Indian Head Massage has been developing in Europe since the 1970s.

Having moved from India to London, Narenda Metha noted how much tension people carry in their neck and shoulders. Consequently, he expanded the traditional form of Indian Head Massage to include parts of the back, shoulders, neck and arms.

Indian Head Massage helps to reduce mental and physical stress by bringing relaxation to the mind and body. It can be tailored to combat fatigue through an energising and revitalising treatment.

The benefits of Indian head massage

  • helps to reduce stress, improving concentration impaired through mental fatigue
  • stimulates the circulatory system
  • stimulates the lymphatic system
  • loosening of the scalp which, in combination with the improved circulation, benefits the condition of the hair and hair growth
  • relieves eyestrain, tension, headaches, tinnitus and sinus congestion
  • relieves temporo mandibular joint tension (TMJ syndrome), often caused by grinding or clenching of the teeth
  • eases muscular tension
  • alleviates stiffness in the neck and shoulders
  • improves disturbed sleep/insomnia

During a treatment

Indian Head Massage is applied while the client is seated upright in a chair and there is no need to remove any clothing which means it can lend itself well to office based environments.

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