Thai yoga massage

Thai yoga massage is said to be the physical application of loving-kindness, using a combination of acupressure work along energy lines and rigorous stretching using yoga poses, featuring a meditative way of working,

Thai Yoga Massage

The Thai people believe that there are 72,000 energy lines or prana in the body. A traditional Thai yoga massage works the principle 10 lines, known as Sip Sen.

If there is a blockage in any line preventing the free flow of this prana life force, it can lead to aches, pain and disease on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. This concept can be hard for the Western mind to conceive. However, Western medicine is beginning to comprehend the importance of the subtle interplays between the mind, body and spirit, so integral to Thai yoga massage.

In the West, we generally try to find one truth, one solution and one answer to problems. In the East, they see many ways to deal with problems and incorporate a dynamic approach, looking for something which can fulfil the purpose at that moment in time.

What are the benefits of a traditional Thai yoga massage treatment?

There are many benefits to be gained from a Thai massage. Practitioners work not only the energy lines of the body, but also the body as a whole, freeing up muscles and joints, liberating tension and facilitating deep relaxation.

After receiving a massage, it usually takes four to five days for the energy balancing to be complete. This means that you may continue to experience the beneficial effects for some time after the massage and not just during the treatment.

Other benefits include greater flexibility in the joints, enhanced blood flow, better alignment of the body, improved posture and additional stimulation of the internal organs which helps them to function optimally. Thai yoga massage also engenders a feeling of relaxation and tranquillity.

After receiving the massage, you may experience extreme tiredness which will give way to a feeling of enhanced energy and wellbeing as the energy balances out.

Being on the receiving end of a Thai yoga massage is a passive process. You need do no more than turn up and give yourself permission to relax into a treatment and let your body and mind relax.

What do you need to wear for a traditional Thai yoga massage treatment?

Loose clothing is necessary because the stretches your practitioner will employ upon you require the body not to be restricted in any way.

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