Covid-19. Special measures during lockdown

What strange times we are living through. We have to help and support each other through this pandemic. If you need to chat to me, please send me a message on 07949 767813 and I will phone you back.

New guidelines came out on Wednesday 4th November 2020 while I was working away. I briefly caught sight of a message from my Association, The IRSM whose teaching arm you can find here: London School Of Sports Massage.

In brief, every appointment in the diary between 5th November 2020 and 2nd December 2020 is out of the diary. I will be phoning around to ensure you are aware of the fact.

I’m sorry, but we’re dealing with unprecedented times and as you’ll be aware from my stringent Covid-19 protocol, I follow the guidelines and mandates emanating from my Association and the Government to the letter. It’s to protect everyone.

I’m afraid the mental health elements of my therapy work; wellness, health-giving, relaxation, is not a reason to seek, or for me to give treatment between the dates I’ve outlined above. That too may be subject to change according to the Ro rate so it’s not set in stone, although the Governement are saying otherwise, currently.

These measures are hopefully temporary as the UK strives to get control of Coronavirus. I am awaiting final clarification from my Association and will then have to review all the advice and documentation, so there may be further tweaks yet.

I wanted to post this to remove some confusion. I’ve already had contact from clients who’ve copied me in on posts from other therapists, announcing they are working and asking if I will be? The answer, yes but on a very restricted basis.

You CAN seek treatment if the following indicators apply:

– you have pain/dysfunction (and not minor, inconsequential pain/dysfunction)

– you have an acute condition, which, were it not treated, would likely continue to cause issues and potentially get worse

– the problem is affecting your everyday life ie sleep, mobility, driving etc

– the above apply and you are not able to see your normal practitioner because they are not available/have chosen not to work during this time

In the first instance, please phone/text/send me a message (07949 767813) or via the contact form on this website. I will then phone you back to determine the problem and the extent of the problem. If we both feel the issue merits face-to-face treatment, I will book you in.

My working hours remain the same, ditto treatment times. Tuesday to Friday, with appointments at 09:30 am, 11:30am, 2:00pm, 4:00pm and 6:00pm but there are further stipulations, to ensure your safety.

You will access the premises through the side gate, the garden, and up the stairs leading to the treatment room. No access will be allowed to the rest of the property, including the toilet facilities.

Treatment times will be reduced to a maximum of 30 minutes from the current 60 minute maximum (at a cost of £30 for these acute appointments).

I will take updates over the phone before you arrive for your treatment. If your position changes at ANY time between booking in and arriving for your treatment in relation to Covid-19, please cancel with immediate effect (no charge).

New clients will be expected to answer the Covid-19 pre-treatment screening questions before their first appointment. It’s not onerous and only takes a matter of minutes.

I will still be firing the Covid-19 questions at you upon arrival and on entry, asking you to sign to confirm the Covid-19 screening questions which you completed before your first appointment and to consent to face-to-face treatment and GDPR. As before, I will be sanitising your hands on arrival and when you leave.

Thank you, for helping me to ensure we all stay safe.

Hopefully, on Thursday, 3rd December 2020, I can revert to the less restrictive Covid-19 protocol I have been operating under but it will depend on the Ro rate and the conditions I’m mandated to work under.

It goes without saying I will continue to be in full PPE and ask that you wear a mask too. No mask, no treatment. I have masks here, in case you forget. Additionally, I will be undertaking training in PPE, through the World Health Organization (WHO).

I resume work under these special measures on Tuesday 10th November 2020 and look forward to seeing those of you who book in during 10 November 2020 to 2 December 2020, when you arrive.

I’ll try to remember to say Good morning/Good afternoon which I’ve been a bit useless about with all the Covid-19 related protocol, so please excuse me firing all these questions at you upon arrival if I forget to say Hello! The welcome is there, I’m just keen to ensure you are safe and we can work together without any repercussions.
It’s up to all of us to ensure we fight this virus together.

I’ve also joined the website Next Door where I’ve added a business profile. Via my personal profile on the site, I hope to be able to help in the community, Saturday through Monday, when I’m not available with my therapies.

If any of my clients are self-isolating and need prescriptions/food shopping etc and are stuck, do call on me, 07949 767813. If I can help I will. I will operate under social distancing measures and wear PPE but I’m only too happy to help where required.

Stay safe, keep smiling

all the best

Emma James

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